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A to Z Page Listing Alphabetical listing all Kauai County website pages.
About OPA
About the Office
ADA Information Kauai County - American's With Disabilities Act (ADA) Information - Hawaii
Admin - Accounting - Budgeting Kauai County Finance Department mission is to provide prudent financial management and services to the people of Kauai and to the departments and agencies of the County that we serve.
Administration This bureau provides administrative assistance for all programs in the Kauai Fire Department, maintains all emergency response vehicles and equipment, ensures all personnel matters are addressed properly, enforces all department's budget regulations and SOG's through an effective management program and manages the department's budget.
Administration / Fiscal Kauai County Public Works - Administration / Fiscal
Administrative & Technical Bureau
Adopt A Park Program
Advisory Committees
Agency On Elderly Affairs The County of Kauai Agency on Elderly Affairs (AEA), Offices of Community Assistance, with the Mayor as Chief Executive, is your local Area Agency on Aging. Its purpose is to plan, support, and advocate for programs to promote the well-being of Kauai's older adults and to address and respond to the priority needs of all seniors.
Agendas / Minutes Agendas / Minutes
Agriculture Support The objective of this program is to increase agricultural income and opportunities on Kaua’i through working closely with farmer groups to assist them in obtaining resources and other assistance to solve industry problems or take advantage of opportunities.
Ahukini - Lydgate Bike Path Ahukini - Lydgate Bike Path
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Official County of Kauai American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) web page.
Anahola Beach Park Kauai County Camp Grounds - Anahola Beach Park
Anini Beach Park Kauai County Camp Grounds - Anini Beach Park
Annual Reports The Mayor's annual reports
Appliance Recycling Old appliances can be recycled for scrap metal. Please make every effort to reuse appliances by repairing or donating them to the needy prior to disposal. For assistance in identifying reuse options, call the Recycling Coordinator...
Arborist Committee
Area Plan Four-year guideline for Area Agency on Aging
Automated Refuse Collection Kauai County is transitioning to automated refuse collection.
Automotive The Auto Maintenance Shop provides repairs and maintenance to vehicles and equipment so the County of Kauai can provide the services that insure the health and welfare of the people of the County of Kauai.
Battery Recycling
Become A Fire Fighter Kauai Fire Department - requirements and information on how to become a fire fighter.
Bicycles Information on loading, unloading and safety regarding bicycle transportation. It is very important to get the Driver's attention before you load or unload your bicycle.
Bike Path Project Kauai County Building Division - Bike Path Project
Bike Path Project Document Search Ahukini - Lydgate Bike Path Project - Document Search
Board of Ethics In short, the Board of Ethics initiates, receives, hears and investigates complaints of violations of the Code of Ethics; renders advisory opinions or interpretations with respect to application of the Code upon request; and examines for possible conflicts of interest all disclosure statements filed.
Board of Review
Board of Water Supply This is a link to the Board of Water Supply website.
Boards and Commissions Kauai County Boards and Commissions: Board of Ethics, Charter Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Liquor Control Commission, Open Space Commission, Planning Commission and Police Commission
Budget Notices and Minutes Budget Notices and Minutes
Building Board of Appeals
Building Division The Division of Buildings is responsible for facility development, code enforcement, building construction and maintenance, and janitorial services. constructed public and private facilities, and well-maintained County facilities. Building permits are obtained here for your permitting needs.
Building Permits Online Building Permits Online - Kauai County, Hawaii
Bus Fares Bus fares for the Kauai Bus, accommodating the general public, seniors, paratransit service, and ADA.
Bus Ride Photos Photos, submitted by the public, of riding The Kauai Bus.
Bus Schedules Kauai Bus Schedules from Kekaha to Hanalei
Bus Schedules Bus schedules for the County of Kauai
Business Doing Business on Kauai, Hawaii
Business Support Organizations Kauai, Hawaii Business Support Organizations
Calendar of Events Kauai, Hawaii - Wailua Municipal Golf Course Calendar of Event
Calendar of Events Kauai County Calendar of Events including links to free Kauai Community Calendars of events.
Calendar of Events Kauai County Recycling - Calendar of Events
Camping Information County of Kauai information on camping on Kauai, Hawaii. Information on County owned and operated Kauai campgrounds including information on obtaining camping permits.
Camping Information
Carlo Morandi On March 26, 1996, Carlo Morandi, a 48 year old male was found dead in his Princeville condo with severe head injuries.
Carry On Items / Prohibited Activities Carry on items allowed and prohibited activities for the Kauai Bus
Chaplaincy Corps
Charter Document Search Kauai Charter Commission Document Search Page
Charter Review Commission Kauai County Charter Commission
Citizen Advisory Committee East Kauai Development Plan - Citizen Advisory Committee
Citizens Police Academy
Civil Defense Agency The Kauai Civil Defense Agency has the responsibility for administering and operating the various local, State and Federal civil defense programs for the County. This includes planning, preparing, and coordinating civil defense operations in meeting disaster situations and coordinating post-disaster recovery operations involving State and/or Federal assistance.
Civil Defense Alerts Kauai County Civil Defense Alerts
Civil Service Commission Civil Service Commission, Merit Appeals Board
Cold Case Photo Gallery
Cold Cases On-going Investigations of Unsolved Homicides
Collections The Real Property Tax Collection function administers the tax collection system and assists with custodial responsibilities for all real property records.
Commissions Links to Planning Commission, Open Space Commission, and Historic Preservation Commission.
Committee Meetings Agendas and Minutes
Committee on the Status of Women Kauai County Committee on the Status of Women
Communication Access Kauai County Communication Access, including a list of interpreters and resources
Community Kauai Community Resources
Community Development Block Grant Program The CDBG program provides federal funding to assist government agencies, non-profit and for-profit organizations in meeting the housing, public facility, public service, and economic development needs of low and moderate income persons.
Community Emergency Response Team Community Emergency Response Team
Community Relations
Community Resources / Links Community Resources / Links
Community Workshop East Kauai Development Plan - Community Workshop
Connect-CTY Citizens can enter their phone number to receive time-sensitive messages from County of Kauai civic leaders regarding the safety or welfare of their community.
Consolidated Plan - 2008 Action Plan The County's 2008 Action Plan (7/1/08 - 6/30/09) for the use of CDBG and HOME grant funds was recently approved by HUD on August 6, 2008. The Action Plan is essentially a grant application that describes activities to be undertaken by CDBG and HOME funding. This is the fourth Action Plan covered by priorities set forth by the County's 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan. The 2005-2010 Consolidated Plan is available at the Housing Agency and public libraries.
Construction & Land Use Kauai County - Construction & Land Use
Construction & Inspection Kauai County Engineering Division - Construction & Inspection
Contact Contact Information for the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
Contact Information & Links Kauai County Agency on Elderly Affairs - KAEA Contact Information and Resources / Links
Contact Us KPD phone numbers
Cost Control Commission
Council Document Search Kauai County Council - Document Search
Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Recap Memos Council Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Recap Memos
Council Services
Councilmembers 2012 - 2014
County Attorney The county attorney is the chief legal adviser and legal representative of all agencies, including the county council, and of all officers and employees in matters relating to their official powers and duties.
County Civil Service Job Opportunities The County of Kauai is an equal opportunity employer. The County employs about 1,050 persons in different types of jobs in 15 County departments and agencies. Click to view current and continuous job announcements
County Civil Service Job Opportunities Kauai County Job Opportunities
County Council Kauai County Council contact information, links to upcoming meetings and archives.
County Directory Kauai County Phone and Email Directory
County Job Information Links to job opportunities
County Owned Rental Projects Kauai County Housing Agency - Housing and Community Development - County Owned Rental Projects
Crime Mapping View crime data on a map of Kauai.
Crisis Resource Directory Listings to help Kaua'i residents in need of substance, treatment or prevention programs or assistance.
Curbside Recycling
Current CZO with Amendments Current Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) with Amendments
CZO Update
Daniel Bonnano
Daren Singer On August 30, 2000, 43 year old female, Daren Singer was found near Pakala Beach with multiple stab wounds.
Departments Chart showing the organizational structure of the Kauai Police Department
Departments Kauai County Departments, Offices and Agencies
Design & Permitting Kauai County Engineering Division - Design & Permitting
Development Plan East Kauai Development Plan - Draft and Final
Division of Purchasing Kauai County Division of Purchasing
Drivers License Kauai County Drivers License Agency
East Kauai Development Plan East Kauai Development Plan
East Side Sirens Kauai County Civil Defense Sirens - East Side
Economic Development Kauai County Office Of Economic Development
Economic Statistics and Forecasting Kauai County OED - Economic Statistics and Forecasting
Education & Libraries Educational facilities and libraries in the State of Hawaii and the County of Kauai, Hawaii.
Elections Welcome to the Elections Division’s web page. “Providing accessible, convenient, and secure election services for the citizens of the County of Kaua‘i is our primary objective.”
Electronics Recycling Recycling computers, cell phones, TV's, radios and VCR's on Kauai.
Emergency Preparedness Find out why you should prepare for a disaster, get a home survival kit checklist, siren location, and get other emergency preparedness resources.
Emilia Baron On October 2, 1989, 60 year old female Emilia Baron was found murdered in her residence at Camp 6, Makaweli. KPD Case #: P-14900
Energy Programs Kauai County OED - Program Areas - Energy Programs
Engineering The Division provides general engineering and surveying services for the Department. It also provides recommendations and technical support services to the Administration and the County Council, when such services are required. It is primarily tasked with the responsibility of administrating the Grading, Grubbing and Stock piling Ordinance, the Flood Plain Ordinance, the Speed Hump Ordinance, and the Drive-way Approach Ordinance.
Environment Environmental Resources on Kauai
EPA Brownfields Assessment Program
EPA Brownfields Program EPA Brownfields Program
E-Services Kauai County Online Services
Event Loaner Bin Program This program was developed by the County Recycling Office with the public in mind. We loan out free HI5 recycling containers for special events on Kaua‘i, whether it be for a community event or family celebration.
Events Calendar
Exemption Information Kauai County Real Property Tax Exemption Information
Fair Housing Kauai County Housing Agency - Fair Housing
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for the Agency on Elderly Affairs
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions - Applying of a job with the County of Kauai
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for the Kauai County Liquor Department
Finance Kauai County Department of Finance
Find Your Building Permit ID Find Your Building Permit ID by Tax Map Key
Fire Commission
Fire Department The mission of the Kauai Fire Department is to protect life, preserve property and enhance the environment of the County of Kauai from all hazards. Information on operations, fire prevention, training, ocean safety and more.
Flood Debris Management Project Flood Debris Management Project - Wailapa Stream
Fluorescent Lights How to recycle or dispose of fluorescent lights on the island of Kauai
Forms & Handouts Kauai County Real Property Assessment RPA - Forms & Handouts
Forms & Applications Kauai County Liquor Control - Forms & Applications
Frequently Asked Questions Kauai County - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. All agency FAQs are consolidated here on one page.
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently asked questions for the Purchasing Division.
Gary L. Hooser Councilmember Gary L. Hooser
General Plan Ordinance Kauai County General Plan Ordinance
General Plan Update Technical Studies General Plan Update Technical Studies
GIS County of Kauai Geographic Information System (GIS) Layers: Tax Map Key (TMK) / Parcel ID, Streets, Points of Interest, and Satellite Imagery
Golf Wailua golf course hosted 3 USGA Amateur Public Links Championships and is voted by Golf Digest as one of Hawaii’s best 15 golf courses.
Golf Course Photos Kauai, Hawaii Wailua Municipal Golf Course Photos
Government Kauai County Government
Government Resources Links to Hawaii government resources such as Hawaii county, state and federal resources
Green Waste Recycling Kauai County Recycling - Green Waste Recycling
Hacked Group Hp-Hack Was Here
Haena Beach Park Kauai County Camp Grounds - Haena Beach Park
Hanalei Beach Park Kauai County Camp Grounds - Hanalei Beach Park
Hanamaulu Beach Park Kauai County Camp Grounds - Hanamaulu Beach Park
Hanapepe Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Hanapepe Neighborhood Center
Hawaii Bottle Bill (HI 5) Kauai County Recycling - Hawaii Bottle Bill
Hawaii Online Services State of Hawaii Online Services
HI 5 Bins to Businesses Program
HI 5 Bins to Retailers Program
HI 5 Non-Profit Recycling Bin Program The “HI-5 RECYCLING BIN Program” (HI-5 Bin) has been developed by the County of Kauai to allow schools and non-profit organizations (hereafter called “organizations”) to institute year round HI-5 recycling programs at their facilities with the use of County of Kauai issued HI-5 Bins. (Organizations that need recycling bins for events or short term activities can loan them out under a separate Special Events Bin program through the County of Kauai; for more information call 241-5120). HI-5 Bins
HI 5 Shopping Bag Distribution The recycled plastic shopping bag program is one of the ways the County of Kauai is continuing to work towards encouraging residents to reduce waste by using shopping bags made from recycled plastic while they shop, in lieu of disposable paper or plastic bags.
Historic Preservation Commission
Historic Preservation Commission Kauai County, Hawaii - Historic Preservation Commission
Hoike Hoike
Home Composting Kauai County Recycling - Home Composting
Home Investment Partnership Program Kauai County Housing Agency - Housing and Community Development - Home Investment Partnership Program
Home-Buyer Loan Program Kauai County Housing Agency - Housing and Community Development - Home-Buyer Loan Program
Household Hazardous Waste Kauai County Recycling - Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Housing Agency Kauai County Housing Agency
Housing and Community Development Kauai County - Housing and Community Development
How to Apply Online Kauai County Personnel - How to apply online
How to Open a Business on Kauai How to Open a Business on the island of Kauai, Hawaii
Information Technology Kauai County - Information Technology Division
Ink Cartridge Recycling
Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Kauai County Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan - Here you will find meeting agendas, minutes, and miscellaneous documents that will be posted. Subscribe to RSS feeds for this information for fastest updates
Internal Affairs
Investigative Services Bureau
Jay Furfaro, Council Chair Kauai County Council Chair Jay Furfaro
JoAnn A. Yukimura Kauai County Councilmember JoAnn A. Yukimura
Jobs - Apply Online Job Opportunities - Kauai County, Hawaii
John and Michelle Klein
Joyce Fox On July 25, 1992, 45 year old female Joyce Fox was found dead with stab wounds. Her body was discovered in a ditch alongside a Kapaa cane haul road. The location is now the site of the Kapaa roundabout.
Kalaheo Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Kalaheo Neighborhood Center
Kapaa - Kealia Bike Path Kapaa - Kealia Bike Path
Kapaa Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Kapaa Neighborhood Center
Kaua‘i Economic Development Plan 2005-2015 Kaua‘i Economic Development Plan 2005-2015
Kauai Beach Explorer
Kauai Bus Schedules
Kauai Business Report
Kauai County Charter Authority
Kauai Economic Development Plan Kauai Economic Development Plan (CEDS)
Kauai Festivals and Events
Kauai Film Commission Kauai County OED - Kauai Film Commission
Kauai Parks
Kauai Siren Locations Kauai County Civil Defense Siren Locations
Kauai Tourism Site Kauai, Hawaii's Island of Discovery. Official Tourism Site of the County of Kauai
Kauai Vacation Planner
Keith Williams
Kekaha Host Community Benefits
Kekaha Landfill Information
Kekaha Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Kekaha Neighborhood Center
Kilauea Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Kilauea Neighborhood Center
Koloa Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Koloa Neighborhood Center
KPAL Youth Center, Kapaa
Kuna Bay - Anahola Bike Path Kuna Bay - Anahola Bike Path
Licenses and Permits Kauai County - Licenses & Permits
Life's Choices Kauai Empowering the Kauai community to be drug-free.
Lihue Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Lihue Neighborhood Center
Lihue Town Core Urban Design Plan Lihue Town Core Urban Design Plan
Links Links to websites containing useful information about audits.
Links and Downloads Kauai County OED - Workforce Investment Act - Links and Downloads
Liquor Commission Agendas / Minutes
Liquor Commission Document Search Liquor Commission Document Search
Liquor Control Kauai County Department of Liquor Control
Liquor Control Commission Liquor Commission
Liquor Control Commission Kauai County Liquor Control Commission
Lisa Bissell
Local Culture
Long Range Division Planning Department Long Range Division
Lost & Found Policy The Kauai Bus Lost and Found
Lucy Wright Park Kauai County Camp Ground - Lucy Wright Park
Lydgate - Kapaa Bike Path Lydgate - Kapaa Bike Path
Lydgate Beach Park Kauai County Camp Grounds - Lydgate Beach Park
MACFEA Mayor's Advisory Committee For Equal Access
Mangayayam-Agbayani On September 19, 1991, 24 year old Carlos Mangayayam and 25 year old Margarita “Susan” Agbayani were found near Russian Fort with multiple stab wounds.
Maps Kauai County Real Property Assessment Maps
Maps of County Facilities Directions and Maps of Kauai County Offices / Locations
Mason K. Chock, Sr., Council Vice Chair Council Vice Chair Mason K. Chock, Sr.
Mayor’s Quarterly Report Cards View the Kauai County Mayor's Quarterly Report Cards in PDF format.
Mayors Advisory Committee for Equal Access Mayors Advisory Committee for Equal Access
Mel Rapozo Councilmember Mel Rapozo
Metal Recycling Kauai County Recycling - Metal Recycling
Missing People People who are reported as missing in Kauai County
Mission Statement
Mission/Vision Office of the Prosecuting Attorney - Mission/Vision
Motor Oil Recycling Kauai County Recycling - Motor Oil Recycling
Motor Vehicle Inquiry Kauai County Motor Vehicle Registration - Motor Vehicle Inquiry
Motor Vehicle Registration Kauai County Motor Vehicle Registration
Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal Renew your motor vehicle registration online
Multimodal Transportation Planning Complete Streets is a set of design principles that promotes safe access for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and public transportation users of all ages and abilities.
Municipal Golf Course
Natural Disasters & Preparation Natural Disaster & Preparation for floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, and evacuation procedures.
Nawiliwili - Ahukini Bike Path Nawiliwili - Ahukini Bike Path
Neighborhood Centers Kauai County Neighborhood Centers for Kilauea, Kapaa, Lihue, Koloa, Kalaheo, Hanapepe, Waimea, and Kekaha
New Landfill Site New Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Non-Civil Service Job Opportunities Information about County Jobs, links to Civil Service job opportunities, Promotional job opportunities, and Non-Civil Service job opportunities
North Kauai Sirens Kauai County Civil Defense Sirens - North Shore
Ocean Safety Bureau The Water Safety Operation Bureau promotes prevention and safety awareness to all persons who frequent our beaches and provides in-services training for staff and public entities.
OED in the News Kauai County - OED in the News
Office of Economic Development Office of Economic Development - Kauai County, Hawaii
Office of the County Auditor
Office of the County Clerk Kauai County - Office of the County Clerk
Office of the Mayor Office of the Mayor - Kauai, Hawaii
OPA Site Map
Open Space Commission
Open Space Commission Kauai County - Public Access, Open Space Commission
Operations The Fire/Rescue/HazMat/Medical Response Operations program provides fire protection and suppression, rescue (ocean and land), hazmat and emergency medical services (basic life support.) It conducts commercial, hotel, and industrial pre-fire planning....
Ordinance 902 In August 2010, the County adopted Ordinance 902, which bans the landfill disposal of commercially generated loads exceeding 10% corrugated cardboard, 10% ferrous and non-ferrous metal, or 10% green waste. Businesses and garbage haulers that deliver loads to the landfill that exceed the 10% limit for the specified items will be issued a one time warning, and then will be subject to load rejection and potential penalties from the County.
Other Reports / Communications
Ownership Transfer If your vehicle was previously registered in another person’s name, you must record the ownership transfer in Hawaii and obtain Hawaii license plates. To accomplish this transfer-registration, you must...
Paratransit Service The Kauai Bus Paratransit Service
Park Facilities Parks Division list of park facilities including tennis courts, park facility types and acreage.
Parks & Recreation
Parks Photo Album Kauai County Parks Photo Album
Past Projects Kauai County Housing Agency - Past Projects
Patrol Services Bureau Kauai Police Department - Patrol Services Bureau
Pay Property Tax Pay Property Tax Online - Kauai County, Hawaii
Pay Property Taxes Online
Pay Sewer Bill Pay Sewer Bill Online - Kauai County, Hawaii
Peddlers and Concessionaires Rules and regulations relating to the use of Kauai County parks and park facilities by peddlers and concessionaires
Permitting Information Information for building permits and planning. This is a quick start guide for those interested in obtaining a building permit from the County of Kauai
Personnel Services Kauai County - Personnel Services
Personnel Services Home
Planning Commission Planning Commission
Planning Commission
Planning Department County of Kauai Planning Department
Planning Document Search Kauai County Planning Department Document Search
Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance
Plastics Recycling Kauai County Recycling - Plastics Recycling
Police Commission Kauai County Police Commission agendas and information
Police Commission
Police Department
Pool Facilities Kauai County Recreation Agency - Pool Facilities
Pregnant and Using? get help if you are pregnant and using drugs and / or alcohol substances
Press Release Search Kauai County Public Information Press Release Search
Press Releases Kauai County Press Releases (news)
Press Room
Prevention Bureau Fire Prevention checks, smoke alarms, electrical safety tips, kitchen safety tips, evacuation plans and more
Program Areas Kauai County OED - Program Areas, Office of Economic Development
Project Assessment / Maps / Drawings Ahukini to Lydgate Bike Path project, Kauai, Hawaii - Project Environmental Assessment, including maps and structural drawings
Projects Kauai County Building Division Projects - various projects of the building division
Promotional Job Opportunities
Propane Tank Recycling Propane tanks with VALVES INTACT ONLY are accepted from residents free of charge at Hanalei Transfer Station, Kapaa Transfer Station, Lihue Transfer Station, and Hanapepe Transfer Station. All tanks without valves should be taken to Puhi Metals Recycling Facility. Tanks smaller than 5 gallons are not accepted and may be disposed in the regular trash. Tanks larger than 20 gallons (40 pounds) are not accepted. Home Depot offers a discount on a new tank if you bring your old tank in.
Proposed Business Recycling Ordinance County of Kauai Solid Waste Division is proposing legislation to require businesses to have recycling programs in place to capture and divert designated recyclables from disposal.
Proposed C & D Diversion Ordinance
Prosecuting Attorney Kauai County - Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
PSB - Hanalei District
PSB - Lihue District
PSB - Traffic Safety Unit
PSB - Waimea District
Public Documents Kauai County Public Documents
Public Hearing Notices and Minutes
Public Information Office Kauai County Public Information Office
Public Meetings on Landfill Issues
Public Safety Kauai County Public Safety
Public Works Kauai County - Public Works Department
Real Property Kauai County Real Property Assessment
Real Property Search Kauai County Real Property Search
Recycle Signs Download printable signs for recycling in Kauai County.
Recycling FAQ Kauai County Recycling - FAQ. Frequently asked questions and answers about recycling on Kauai.
Recycling Grants
Recycling Programs The Kauai County Recycling Office funds and administers residential recycling programs, educates about waste diversion opportunities, and provides technical assistance to commercial agencies. Here you will find detailed descriptions / information on each of the various programs.
Refuse Collection Kauai County refuse collection page
Refuse Transfer Stations
Register for CERT Classes
Rehabilitation Loan Program Kauai County Housing Agency - Housing and Community Development - Rehabilitation Loan Program
Rental Assistance Division Kauai County Rental Assistance Division (Section 8)
Replacement Plates or Emblems Kauai County Motor Vehicle Registration - Replacement Plates or Emblems
Reports Kauai County Financial Reports from the Department of Finance
Residential Drop Bin Program Kauai County Recycling - Residential Drop Bin Program
Residential Refuse Collection Assessment Residential Refuse Collection Assessment
Resource Documents Planning Department Resource Documents
Resources and Info
Reuse Kauai County Reuse Information
Roads / Highways The Road Maintenance Division performs pothole patching, roadside grading and mowing, herbiciding, guardrail construction, ditch cleaning, catch basin and culvert cleaning, bridge repair, and sidewalk repair.
Ross Kagawa Councilmember Ross Kagawa
RPA Appeals Kauai County Real Property Tax Appeals
RSS Feeds Kauai County, Hawaii Government news and information RSS Feeds - Document Syndication
RSVP Kauai County AEA - RSVP - The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
Salary Commission
Salt Pond Park Kauai County Camp Grounds - Salt Pond Park
Schools and Nonprofits HI 5 Recycling Bin Program at the County of Kauai
Senior Programs Parks & Recreation - Senior Citizen Programs
Sewer Applications and Forms Kauai County Hawaii Wastewater Division - Download Sewer Applications and Forms
Shredded Paper
Site Map County of Kauai Site Map
Site Search Kauai County Site Search Engine Results
Sites & Attractions
Solicitation Request Form
Solicitations, Addenda, and Other Notices Kauai County - Purchasing - Solicitations, Addenda, and Other Notices
Solid Waste The Solid Waste division includes the County of Kauai Landfill Program, greenwaste diversion program, refuse collections, refuse transfer stations, and recycling / waste management programs.
South Kauai Sirens Kauai County Civil Defense Sirens - South Shore
Sparky's Fire Safety House Sign up for a fire safety presentation
Special Committee on County Governance
Stacey Kelekoma
Staff and Contact Information OED Staff and Contact Information
Summer Employment Links to summer employment opportunities
Summer Programs Kauai County Parks & Recreation - Summer Programs
Sunshine Markets Kauai, Hawaii Sunshine Markets. Farmers market; fresh island grown produce
Sunshine Markets
Survey & Mapping Kauai County Engineering Division - Survey & Mapping
Surveys / Announcements East Kauai Development Plan - Surveys / Announcements
Sustainability Program
Sustainable Tourism
Tabulations and Awards Posting of various awards: IFB, RFP, Exempt, PROF SVC
Tax Appeal Court Kauai County Real Property Assessment - Tax Appeal Court
Tax Rates Kauai County Real Property Assessment Tax Rates
Taxpayer Information Real Property Assessment - Taxpayer Information
The Chiefs Corner
The Kauai General Plan Planning Department - The Kauai County General Plan
The Kauai Made Program The Kauai Made Program
The Kauai Made Program The Official "Kauai Made" Program - Kauai made products and crafts
The Kauai Resource Center The Kauai Resource Center
Tim Bynum Councilmember Tim Bynum
Tourism Support Kauai County OED - Tourism Support
Training and Research Bureau The Fire Department Training and Research Bureau is responsible for training firefighters in a variety of disciplines. Training is one of the gears that drive the department. Training classes include incident command, fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous materials, act of terrorism, rescues of all types and operation of trucks and boats.
Transient Vacation Rentals Transient Vacation Rentals, County of Kauai
Transit Advisory Committee Kauai Bus Transit Advisory
Transparency Initiatives Transparency Initiatives
Transportation Agency The Kaua'i Bus operates a Public (Fixed Route) bus service and a Paratransit (Door-to-Door) bus service from Hanalei to Kekaha daily except on Sundays and County holidays. The Kauai Bus now provides service to the Airport and limited service to Koloa and Poipu.
Treasury Division Kauai County Treasury Division of Finance - Motor Vehicles, Drivers Licensing
Understanding Real Property Taxes Kauai County - Understanding Real Property Taxes
Unsolved Crimes
Update CERT Contact Information For Kauai CERT member - update your contact information or opt out of the CERT program
Used Cooking Oil Recycling
Vacation Directory
Vacation Rental Recycling Recycling for Kauai County Visitors
Videos Public Service Announcements and other Anti-Drug Program related videos
Vision and Goals
Visioning Meetings East Kauai Development Plan - Visioning Meetings
Visiting Visiting Kauai, Hawaii - Tourism and Recreation
Waimea Neighborhood Center Kauai County - Waimea Neighborhood Center
Walter Robert “Fig” Mitchell On June 10, 2002, 60 year old Walter Robert “Fig” Mitchell was found murdered in his Wailua residence. Trauma injuries caused his death. Fig coached in numerous youth sports and was a noted local sportscaster.
Waste Water Management The County of Kauai Waste Water Management division serves to protect the public's health, safety, and the environment by developing and operating the County's wastewater infrastructure. Includes the Wastewater Administration and Engineering Program, and the Wastewater Treatment Facilities Program
Water Department Kauai County Department Of Water
Weather & Surf Kauai Hawaii Weather Forecast and Surf Report
Webcast Meetings View streaming videos of the Kauai County's Mayor, Meetings and supporting documents.
Webcast Meetings Webcast Meetings
West Side Sirens Kauai County Civil Defense Sirens - West Side
What Is An Audit?
Who Can Apply Find out the requirements for applying to work for the County Of Kauai
Workforce Investment Act Kauai County OED - Workforce Investment Act
WorkWise Kauai Kauai County Workforce Investment Act - WorkWise Kauai - The One-Stop Job Center
WorkWise! Kauai WorkWise! Kauai
Youth Island Wide Programs
Youth Services Office Of Economic Development Program Areas Workforce Investment Act Youth Services
Zero Waste
Zoning and Land Use Permits