Applicants for single family transient vacation rentals will need to complete a TVR application and provide a sworn affidavit attesting that the use of the residence as a TVR occurred prior to March 7th 2008. The applicant will also need to provide proof of Transient Accommodation Tax and General Excise tax licenses, proof of payment of taxes and evidence of use of single family transient vacation rental. In addition applicants will need to provide plans signed and stamped by a licensed architect or engineer accurately representing the property as it exists today.


In addition to the information above, applicants for single family transient vacation rentals within the State Land Use District Agriculture will need to provide a petition for a Special Permit. Application, affidavit and special permit checklist are available at Planning Counter. 

Applicants who already have a valid Non-Conforming Use Certificate or TVR registration do not need to apply. This bill does not apply to any TVR in the conservation district.


Applicants who apply by October 15th (within 60 days of the bill becoming law) will not be charged an application fee for the Non Conforming Use Certificate. Anyone who applies after that date will be charged and application fee of $1500. Special Permits require a standard fee of $50 regardless of application date.


 Please refer to our Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (Ord. 935) Section 8.17 for complete details.