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  Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Minimize

image of a straw hutThe CDBG program provides federal funding to assist government agencies, non-profit and for-profit organizations in meeting the housing, public facility, public service, and economic development needs of low and moderate income persons.  Individuals are not eligible.  The Kaua‘i County Housing Agency administers the CDBG program according to HUD regulations (24 CFR 570).  The objective of the program is to provide decent housing, a suitable living environment, and to expand economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate income persons of Kaua‘i County.  CDBG past projects.

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CDBG Project Listing  1/10/2014201.61Download
2013 Action Plan  9/17/20135,150.83Download
2013 Action Plan - Appendix A  9/17/2013890.24Download
2013 Action Plan - Appendix B  9/17/2013749.79Download
2013 Action Plan - Appendix C  9/17/20131,951.29Download
2013 Action Plan - Appendix D  9/17/2013776.09Download
2013 Action Plan - Appendix E  9/17/2013883.53Download
2013 Action Plan - Appendix F  9/17/20131,363.67Download
2010 - 2015 Consolidated Plan  9/17/20132,238.00Download
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