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County of Kauai » Frequently Asked Questions  County of Kauai » Frequently Asked Questions Minimize
  How can I contact the Mayor?
  I have a complaint for the County. Who should I call?
  Who do I contact to get an Identification Card, not a driver’s license?
  Who can I call with questions about my driver’s test?
  How can I set up a neighborhood watch in my community?
  How do I make a reservation for a park pavilion?
  Does the County sponsor recycling programs on Kauai?
  County of Kauai » Frequently Called Numbers Minimize
Area code is (808)
ADA Coordinator 241-6203
Public Information Office 241-4903
Recycling Information 241-4837
Driver's Licensing 241-4242
Police Dispatch (Non-Emergency) 241-1711
Agency on Elderly Affairs 241-4470
Transportation Agency 241-6410
Housing: Development 241-4444
Housing: Section 8 (HUD) 241-4440
Park Reservations/Camping Permits 241-4463
Real Property Tax - FAQs  Real Property Tax - FAQs Minimize
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  What is my assessed valuation?
  Do I have a home exemption?
  Do you make maps?
  Could you find the Tax Map Key number, address or owners for this property?
  What is the rate?
  Why do I have to pay property tax?
  Why is the my assessment so high?
  Can I have a plot plan?
Finance » Purchasing Division  Finance » Purchasing Division Minimize
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  How can I access a county record?
  Is there a bidder's list?
  How do I request for a Bid or Proposal?
  Where is the purchasing office located?
  How do I find Hawaii State & County Government notices?
Liquor Department FAQs  Liquor Department FAQs Minimize
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  How old do you have to be to purchase alcoholic beverages?
  How do I obtain a liquor license?
  How long before I can get my liquor license?
  How do I obtain a “blue card”?
  What happens to an adult who purchases liquor for minors?
  What happens to a minor who is who is caught with alcoholic beverages?
  What happens to a minor who is found to be using a fake ID?
  What happens to the parent of a minor who is caught violation the liquor laws?
  What happens to someone who sells or serves liquor to a minor?
  What is the most frequently issued liquor law citations?
  What does the law consider a public place?
  How does the law define possession in relation to alcoholic beverages?
  Who enforces the state liquor laws?
OCA » Agency On Elderly Affairs  OCA » Agency On Elderly Affairs Minimize
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  How can I get financial assistance for medical bills and electric bills?
  How can I get housing?
  How can I get a handicapped parking placard?
  How can I get a “Will“ and “Advance Directives” done?
  How can I get someone to come clean my house for FREE?
  How can I qualify for a home delivered meal?
  How can I get a photo I.D. card?
OCA » Agency On Elderly Affairs » RSVP  OCA » Agency On Elderly Affairs » RSVP Minimize
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  Who can become an RSVP Volunteer?
  What does an RSVP volunteer do?
  Where can I do Volunteer Work?
  What Do I Get From Volunteering?
  How do I Enroll as an RSVP Volunteer?
Building Permit FAQ  Building Permit FAQ Minimize
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  What are the fees for a building permit and who do I make a check payable to?
  I have questions regarding permitting with the Department of Health. Where can I find answers to my questions?
  Where can I find application forms for the Department of Water?
  Where can I get information on obtaining an address for my residence?
  Am I required to submit my Single Family Residence Plans to the Fire Prevention Bureau for review?
  Where can I get an Application to connect to the Public Sewer System
  I have questions regarding grading, grubbing, and/or stockpiling. Where can I find answers to my questions?
  Is my house in a flood zone? What flood zone is my house in? Is the lot I am thinking of buying in a flood zone? I will be building in a flood zone, what do I have to do?
  Is a public sewer system available in the area where my property is located?
  What types of plans must be submitted to the Fire Department's Prevention Bureau
  The Department of Water is located away from the main County offices. Is my building permit application automatically routed to the Department of Water or do I have to deliver it to them myself, when that time comes?
  Why are Building Permit Applications not available to download online?
  Why are Zoning Permit Applications not available to download online?
  If the Department of Water has any issues concerning my permit, will they contact me or relay the message back to the Building Division?
  Where can I get information on ADU requirements?
  Concerning a "Wastewater Treatment Capacity Assessment": Is this assessment required for my property or is it waived? If yes, how much does it cost?
  What is the fee for a sewer connection?
  When should I call the Fire Department Prevention Bureau for inspections?
  Can I proceed with installing my septic system before obtaining my building permit?
  Can I pull electrical without a building permit?
  What is expected in order to pass the Final Inspection?
  Where can I get the Planning Department's contact information?
  I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?
  How many sets of plans do I have to submit with my building permit application?
  The building permit application AND the contractor's statement form both have a field to supply the "Job Address". The site where I will be building does not have an address yet. How can I fill out this information?
  On the building permit application there is section entitled "Type and Cost of Building". Do I have to fill this information in?
  Tax Map Key question: On the building permit application form, the sections for the TMK "Lot No." and "District" don't appear familiar. On the contractor's statement, these 2 fields are not present, and on the contractor's statement form there is a space for "Unit". Help I'm confused!
Permitting » Click2Gov Building Permits  Permitting » Click2Gov Building Permits Minimize
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  How do I get to the Click2Gov Building Permits portion of the County website?
  To log in I need a building permit "application number". Where can I find this?
  The Square Footage for my building is stated to be zero (0). Why is this information not available?
  On the "View Application Fees" page, several of the application fee descriptions are stated as "PERMIT FEES-ALL" and are not descriptive enough to be helpful. How can I determine what each listed fee is for?
  I need to search by Tax Map Key (TMK). Why is searching by tax map key not allowed?
Public Works » Engineering » Design & Permitting  Public Works » Engineering » Design & Permitting Minimize
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  I want to do some grading / grubbing / stockpiling, what do I have to do?
  I need a streetlight on the road near my house, what do I do?
  A street light on my street is flickering or went out, who do I call?
Recycling FAQ  Recycling FAQ Minimize
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  Where can I recycle OLD APPLIANCES?
  Where can I recycle an old PROPANE TANK?
  What can I do with OLD PAINT?
  Where can I recycle USED MOTOR OIL and MOTOR OIL FILTERS?
  Where can I recycle BATTERIES?
  Where can I recycle PLASTIC?
  Where can I recycle PAPER?
  Where I can I recycle SHREDDED PAPER from my home?
  Are there professional agencies that can SHRED & RECYCLE SENSITVE DOCUMENTS from my business?
  Where can I recycle PALLETS?
  Where can I recycle my old COMPUTER OR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT?
  Where can I recycle my old CELL PHONES?
  Do you have tips for HOME COMPOSTING?
  Does the County offer CURBSIDE RECYCLING?
  I need information about disposal of HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE.
  Where can I recycle USED TIRES?
  Where can I recycle SCRAP METAL?
  Where can I recycle LAWN MOWERS, and WEED WACKERS?
  Can I schedule a TOUR of the Kauai Resource Center or a PRESENTATION on recycling?
  I want to establish a RECYCLING PROGRAM AT MY BUSINESS, what should I do?
  There is a locked dumpster near the KAUAI RECYCLES BIN. Is this for JUNK MAIL?
  Where can I take packing materials such as PACKING PEANUTS,  BUBBLE WRAP and STYROFOAM BLOCKS to be recycled?
  Where can I recycle old COMPACT DISC'S (CD’s)?
  Where can I recycle DRYWALL from construction and demolition projects?
  Where can I take my used COOKING OIL to be recycled?
  How do I dispose of MEDICAL WASTES or SHARPS?


  Where can I take a bed to be donated?
  Where can I take appliances to be reused?
  Where can I take pressed wood furniture to drop off to be reused?
  Where can I take infant toys/accessories?
  Where can I donate infant/child car seats?
  What do I do with my fluorescent lights?
  What are some examples of containers that do not have redemption value?
  Do I need to separate my deposit beverage containers by material type?