Transportation Agency Overview

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The Kaua'i Bus operates a Public (Fixed Route) bus service and a Paratransit (Door-to-Door) bus service from Hanalei to Kekaha daily.

Fixed Route Service: (bus stop to bus stop)
Monday - Friday  5:27 a.m. - 10:40 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday  6:21 a.m. - 5:50 p.m.

Each bus has a destination sign on the front and curb side of the bus, displaying the route number.
Although Drivers follow a predetermined schedule, arrival at bus stops may be affected by traffic, operating conditions and route deviations.

For up-to-date bus schedules, please click here.

Paratransit Service:
Paratransit service is available for qualified individuals in the categories below. Service days and hours are the same as public transportation. Reservations are required 24 hours in advance for door-to-door pickups.  Reservations can also be emailed to

Senior: Individuals must be 60 years and older and registered with the County Transportation Agency.

  • Agency: Human Service Agencies contract the County Transportation Agency to provide transportation service for their program participants.
  • ADA: (Americans with Disabilities Act) - Individuals must be certified and registered as ADA eligible for service.
  • Printed information is available in alternate formats within seven (7) days of a request.

(paratransit routes that go beyond the ADA 3/4 mile corridor will have seats open to the general public on a space available basis.)

Contact Information


Celia Wooton-Mahikoa
Executive on Transportation

County Of Kaua'i
Transportation Agency
3220 Ho'olako St.
Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 96766

Telephone: (808) 246-8110 (Voice/TRS)
Facsimile:  (808) 241-6417

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ROUTE AND SCHEDULE CHANGES EFFECTIVE 7/3/17 - Thursday, June 15, 2017
SOUTH/WEST - 100/200/30
Route 100
• No longer stopping at: Hale Kupuna, Walmart, Wilcox Hospital, or Lihue Neighborhood Center
• Old Kekaha Store will now be an on-call stop
• Servicing new stops at: Hokulei Village-Kaumualii Hwy, Across Fish Express, Laukona Road and Peter Rayno Park
Route 200
• No longer stopping at: Lihue Neighborhood Center, Walmart, Wilcox Hospital, and Hale Kupuna (Serviced by Route 30)
• Old Kekaha Store will now be an on-call stop
• Servicing new stops at: Kalepa Village, Laukona Road, Kuhio Medical Center, Hokulei Village-Nuhou Road, Kaumualii Hwy-KCC
Route 30
• Servicing new stop: Hale Kupuna (on-call)
• Starting at Kalaheo Post Office (instead of Kalaheo Neighborhood Center) (:15) after hour

NORTH/EAST - 400/500/60/800/850
Route 400
• No longer stopping at: Sun Village and Wilcox Hospital
• Servicing new stops at: Kuhio Medical Center, Hokulei Village-Nuhou Road, and Kaumualii Hwy-KCC
Route 500
• No longer stopping at: Walmart, Wilcox Hospital, and Sun Village
• Servicing new stops at: Hokulei Village-Kaumualii Hwy and Across Fish Express
Route 60
• Kapaa High School Pavilion will be an on-call stop after 6:00pm
Route 800
• Servicing new stop at: Across Fish Express and Kuhio Medical Center
Route 850
• Servicing new stop at: Across Fish Express

LIHUE - 70
Route 70
• Lihue Courthouse will be an on-call stop starting with the 4:55pm route
• Lihue Gardens will be an on-call stop starting with the 6:55pm route
• Airport stops will be on-call on the 2nd round for all routes at (:50, :51, :20, :21) minutes after the hour
• Midpac Auto Center will now be called Kuhio Ford
• Servicing new stops at: Across Fish Express, Kuhio Medical Center, Sun Village on-call, Lihue Neighborhood Center on-call


Kaua`i Short-Range Transit Plan

Multi-Modal Land Transportation Plan


 TitleModified Date
Transportation Expansion Report 201110/24/2011

Title VI

 TitleModified Date
Title VI Complaint Form5/6/2016
Title VI Notice6/27/2013