The Kaua‘i Recycles Drop Bins are for residential use and are available island-wide at eight locations. Most sites have very heavy use and can build up trash and other debris around the bins. We work with volunteers and groups to provide oversight and supplies to clean up the area. Kaua‘i Recycles sites can also be adopted by groups or businesses that want to provide ongoing cleanup. For more details, please call 241-4195 or email kaki@kauai.gov.

Your help and consideration is greatly appreciated!

We would like to highlight the work of those that volunteer to go out into the community and make it a better place. Below are some of the projects that individuals and groups have participated in.   


Kapa‘a Recycles Bins Clean-up

Sarah Dooley along with her daughter Alana coordinated the clean-up of the Kapa‘a Kaua‘i Recycles bin this past November (2021) with help from Leadership Kaua‘i and County of Kaua‘i staff. The group was able to haul out several bags of trash and clean-up a lot of windblown expanded polystyrene. 

The County appreciates the initiative that Sarah and her daughter as well as Char Ravelo and Alanna Bauman of Leadership Kaua‘i showed in helping our community keep and island clean and beautiful!

Sarah Dooley and Daughter Alana speak to Keola Aki of the County about Recycling plastic.

County worker Keola Aki picks up trash in Kapaa.

Trash picked up around Kapaa recycle bins.

Lāwa‘i Kaua‘i Recycles Drop Bin Site Clean-Up

Kalaheo Scout Troop 270 of Kalāheo jumped right in when offered the chance for a community service project in the area. The Lāwa‘i Kaua‘i Recycles drop area is heavily used and receives a fair share of illegal dumping. 

The 19 Scout and parent volunteers put in a great effort working in to the night to clean-up the site. A truckload of materials ranging from large scrap metal, to clothing, and other refuse was hauled out of the area.

We highly encourage other Scout troops and organizations to let us know if you would like to do some great community service and beautify your neighborhood by adopting your local Kaua‘i Recycles drop bin site.


Debris picked up by Boy Scouts at recycle site.

Recycle site before Boy Scout clean-up

Good Samaritan jumps in to help clean-up

HANAPEPE – The Kaua‘i Recycles Drop bin location outside of the Hanapēpē Refuse Transfer Station was the site of an ugly scene on Friday July 5th. An illegal dumper left behind a large load of cardboard and mixed paper on the ground outside of the empty cardboard recycling bin.

Resident Josiah Laulama was recycling at approximately 6:45 PM when he noticed the County’s Recycling Program Coordinator Keola Aki documenting the illegal dumping. Mr. Laulama jumped right in to assist with the clean-up effort and by 7:00 PM both men had all the recyclables properly sorted and in the bins.

It appeared that a restaurateur had dumped a load of bulk food packaging items that a normal resident would not normally purchase. As a reminder, the Kaua‘i Recycles drop bins are for residents only. Businesses can drop recyclables free of charge at Garden Isle Disposal in Līhu‘e. Call the County Recycling Office at 241-4841 for information on business recycling.

The County’s Solid Waste Office would like to thank Mr. Laulama for assisting with the clean-up of the area and would like to encourage more people to be proactive when they see misuse of the recycling bins. If you can safely photograph or take down the license plates of those illegally dumping, the Kaua‘i Police Department can investigate and if found guilty fines of $1,000 can be charged.

For more information call 241-4841. To report illegal dumping call Police Dispatch at 241-1711. 


Good Samaritan Josiah Lauama after recycle area clean-up


Illegal dumping at recycling site.

Recycling site cleaned-up